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Have you dreamed about becoming a Dog Trainer?

The Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog® Method of Training can open those closed doors in your life and place you on the first step (as an Apprentice Assistant Trainer), toward achieving your goal.

The Trainer’s Certification Course at Your Service Dog School is an intense, comprehensive study of the Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog® method of Training.

The course covers training from several aspects with great emphasis on its history, the theory and science behind it, and the practical side where the Apprentice Assistant Trainer deals with a student in the school under the supervision of an experienced FPSDI-approved Trainer.

Under the supervision and guidance of their Mentor, the Apprentice Assistant Trainer will learn how to encourage a student to train their own Full Potential Service Dog, by studying the many ways in which they, as a Trainer, can offer the client, step-by-step instructions and guidance to assist them with their technique, including how to create adaptations of the method to meet the needs of the client’s disability.

Apprentice Assistant Trainers at Your Service Dog School are taught a holistic and natural approach to a positive reinforcement method of Dog Training that works because it has its roots in the natural learning path of the dog.

You will be taught to watch the dog’s body language, and movement and how to assess a training session on video. You will be tutored so that you grow in awareness of what to look for from both Dog and Handler.

Your Service Dog Inc’s Apprentice Assistant Trainers are given Volunteer Student assignments to work with, while being continually assessed under the watchful supervision of their Mentor, the Head Trainer, the Headmistress, and Your Service Dog Coach Lelah Sullivan.

Your Service Dog School is offering a limited number of scholarships to persons who are interested in applying to become Volunteer Apprentice Trainers at Your Service Dog School.

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